World of Warcraft Primal Life Uses

There are 71 uses for Primal Life, here is a list of a few, an updated list will come as I have ran out of time. These are some of the most common uses (mostly trasnmog) recipes that use Primal Life. Depending on your server, this material can sell anywhere from 10g to 300g. Stay in touch for ways to make more from the auction house, selling Primal Life.


Major Healing- Greater Planar Essence 6x, Large Prismatic Shard 6x, Primal Life 6x

Major Healing- Large Prismatic Shard 8x, Primal Water 8x, Primal Life 8x

Superior Healing- Greater Planar Essense 4x, Primal Life 4x

Threat- Small Prismatic Shard 4x, Greater Planar Essense 2x, Primal Life 8x


Enchanting Page 1, Leatherworking Page 2, Blacksmithing Page 3, Tailoring Page 4

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