Insane Transmog Farm 20-30k Per Hour

This farm is focused on collecting Imperfect Draenthyst Fragments. You can gather roughly 20 of these bad boys per hour! This means you will get at least 20 transmog items maybe more maybe less. It all depends on your luck.

You will be killing the Doomguard Destroyers and Dreadlord Defilers in the Tainted Forest of the Blasted Lands. Other drops among the Imperfect Draenthyst Fragments are around 50-70 Felcloth per Hour and a very slim chance of the Skullflame Shield along with other transmog items what can also be obtained from Kum’isha’s Junk.

The Route you will want to follow is in the picture down below. Felcloth has a high market now because of the few mobs this cloth drops from and the great looking transmog items tailors can make with it! On my server, this cloth is selling for around 200 gold per unit. That means within an hour just Felcloth alone, I will be about to make around 10,000-14,000 gold!


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