Skinners Can Make Loads More Gold From Vanilla Unique Leather 7.3.5

After 7.3.5 went live. There were several more things players had to set out and find what changed with the patch. While some skeptics such as WTBgold suggest these changes are pure exploits and bannable if you choose to follow fellow guide makers, that isn’t the case.

Blizzard knows what’s changed by now and rather or not a fix is coming out we may not know for months to come. For example. It took them a while to nerf the Embersilk farming location in Deepholm. A few years to be exact. Rather or not the intended to fix it until the point they did is uncertain, however, it was patched well beyond its origin.

Skinners, much like how miners can mine vanilla mobs for ore now; can now gather unique skins without a penalty. If used to be a bummer seeing nothing but common leathers such as heavy leather, thick, and rugged leather drop. Then out of nowhere you get this odd looking leather and think you hit it large. Though, it was just a hide form of one of the common leathers.

Now, after 7.3.5, skinners can loot common leathers 100% of the time. While having a chance of getting a unique leather. This is actually a huge gold increase for skinners. Mostly because skinners can already make decent gold from common leather farms. Now, lets add a chance of looting another leather that sells for 100+ gold!!!

Not Sure what Unique Leathers Are? Well, Here is a playlist with Guides showing where to get them and what they are used for!!!

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