Insane Transmog Farming Location Mixed Level Mog Desolace 10-100k Per Hour WoW Gold Guide

This is probably the most unique farming location I’ve ever found. If you wish to enjoy the drops of level 7-11 Transmog gear, along with around level 30 transmog gear all in the same place. Head on over to Desolace! In the Ceniration Wildlands, it’s loaded with a various amount of Kodo’s. The main ones you will focus on are the Recovering Kodo’s.

These Kodo’s will only spawn up around the wording of the wilds lands. However, there are tons more different types of Kodo’s throughout the green area in the middle of Desolace. The other main set of mobs to focus on are the elite Kodo’s. This is because most of the time elite mobs do have an increased drop chance for greens.

Though, if you wish, you can just circle on around the entire green area in Desolace. This place is just loaded with Kodo’s. The reason I would recommend farming these mobs, however, is if you are a skinner as they do drop Heavy leather. For those who may not know, heavy leather is quite expensive at the moment selling up to 60+g Per unit on some servers! For more information on Heavy Leather Please head on over here: Heavy Leather Selling for Upwards 60 Gold Per Unit On Servers!!! Check The Auction House

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