My Posting Schedule For WoW Content!

In the video about, it covers the plans and future of my channel. However, not everyone likes watching videos or continuously referring back to a video for information. Not to worry. This post will just slightly cover what the video is about.

In short, I plan on starting ESO Gold Guides here in the next new weeks. Elder Scrolls Online For those who aren’t sure what ESO is. Rather or not I post the videos on my current channel, that’s still being decided. I’m leaning more towards just keeping the same channel. Don’t worry WoW fans if that’s the case! I will be regularly posting content for WoW Gold guides.

Here is my schedule for posting. Each day of the week has a different topic I will be covering. This is because I have so many different guides. It’s hard to choose which guide I want to cover next. Not only does this help me with posting. It will help me with the production of other games I wish to cover along with keeping my busy schedule not so busy.

I can keep a larger amount of videos prepped and on hand for days I can’t manage to get videos out for. Not only that but I can relax a bit more on days I don’t have a lot going on. The timeframe will be a photo instead of me just typing it all out… again. Thanks for the support, rounding 1000 subscribers! Hoping to get more into the website once I start ESO Content, Enjoy :).

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