How To Maximize Your Profit From The Bombardment

Honestly, this is probably the best route to go when farming this location. There are few greens that drop here that sell for a decent amount of gold. Though, who said transmog has to be the founding solution to a “good” farm? Tons of player deem any location that doesn’t drop decent greens isn’t worth farming.

If that were the case, why am I able to make 30k from 2 patterns that dropped along with another 15k+ from using this shuffle? One thing that makes my content different from many other gold farmers or guide makers is that, transmog isn’t my primary gold making method. Instead, I make millions… literally, from shuffles of all sorts.

It’s fun to manipulate common and popular farming locations, while not making as much gold, the timely bases for obtain the gold or sells is reduced by a ton. Materials sells almost instantly and will have a high demand than transmog items. That’s what makes shuffles so profitable. So, how can you shuffle the materials from the bombardment farming location?

First off, you shouldn’t have to buy anything from the auction house to do this. Send all your greens to and enchanter and simply disenchant all of them. With the amount of greens you will be collecting, I average 85+ Per hour, you shouldn’t have to worry about infinite dust for a while.

If you aren’t farming on a tailor, you won’t be rewarded with nearly as much frostweave cloth. Though, still enough to enjoy this shuffle. Send your cloth over to a tailor, if you are a tailor, make sure you send the infinite dust back to the tailor. This is important! After you have all of your Frostweave cloth bolted, and your character has the infinite dust gained from disenchanting the greens. Craft the Bolt of Imbued Frostweave cloth.

From here, there are several options you can choose from. The most common will either be to sell the imbued frostweave cloth as is. Or Crafting the Frostweave 20 slot bags which sell for a decent amount of gold and always have a demand. Yes, there are better bags, but cheaper is better for many.

The other option will be to craft the Spellweave, Moonweave, and or, Ebonweave Cloth. These will are used in various amount of transmog crafting gear. Surely they will sells. Lastly, you can just craft transmog with the Frostweave series of cloth. Either way, you are looking at around 15k In crafted goods. To sell the materials raw you are making around 8k gold, so, if you don’t want to maximize your gold, you can easily make roughly 12k an hour here. This includes the 1k raw looted gold along with another 2+k you will get from vendoring trashed goods.

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