Primal Route, What Primal? All Primal Route!

For this route, you will need to have 2 very important professions if you truly want to gather every mote/ primal of the Burning Crusade Expansion. However, they aren’t necessary for those who still want to make gold ;). To start things off. I will go over the route from bottom to top. Mostly, because you can skip the bottom loop if you want to.

If primal mana sells on your server, you are in luck because the bottom part of this route is loaded with manarays, of course, that drop motes of mana. As you head up just a little, you will begin to see air elementals. These guys are normally farmed and well known for their great drop chance for mote of air.

Once you are done killing almost all of them, you will want to head towards the green goo. Don’t swim in it, it will just waste time. Flying this route will be the best bet. You should see a bunch of earth elementals roaming the outside of the creek which drop mote of earth. After that, you will see a bunch of fire elementals mixed with more towards the center of the route.

Continued heading up and you will see the last elemental that will drop motes, which of course will be the water elemental. However, keep following the route and you will see more air elementals flying around. But… you said this was for all primals? What happened to Life and Shadow? Well, this is where the professions are required. Don’t worry, the professions won’t yield any more primals than just killing. Each hour here seems to yield roughly a total of 40-50 primals.

The first profession you will need is herbalism. Honestly, the rate of which mote of life drops is very low so don’t get rid of a profession to farm this route for primal life. The second profession will be engineering. This part is a little time consuming but well worth it. You will need to craft the Zapthrottle Mote Extractor. Shadowmoon valley is loading with toxic clouds that are loaded with motes of shadow. Enjoy farming 🙂

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