New Alliance Only Stonetalon Mountains Transmog Farm

This farm my be known by some already. I came across it while farming for the rares and chests in Stonetalon Mountains. Normally, if I see a large group of mobs I will just start killing them. First to see if they even drop anything, then to see if they respawn decently if they drop more than just gold.

Fortunately, this mobs fit my quota and my short term testing began. How I typically test my trasnmog farming locations starts with me farming for around 5 minutes. If the location yields at least one green within that first 5 minutes. I consider it a location to test further. If it doesn’t on the other hand. I continue to test the location for another 10 minutes to see if I should mark that location down for further testing, though, lower on the priority list.

Testing this farm for 5 minutes gave me 3 greens all of which sold decently for the server I main on. So I figured I would just go ahead and show the location rather than testing it any more. This is mostly due to the way the mobs spawn in this location. It much differently than many other locations out there. Instead of being forced spawns. They just gradually respawn over about 5 seconds.

As far as testing transmog farming locations go. Keep in mind, everyone has “their” transmog farming locations. Each spot will be different for each player. Some locations players will have tons of luck, while, others won’t. For me, it sounds like I have a good some of luck in this location.

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