Insane Primal Mana Farming Location 30 50 Per Hour Miners Dilight Khorium Hotspot WoW Gold Guide


Still working on completing the route. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t share a few important things about this item with you guys! First of all, the mote of mana is used to make Primal mana as many already know. It takes 10 motes to make one Primal. The primal mana is used in a ton of different crafted transmog.


Annihilator Holo-Gogs: 1 Destruction Holo-Gogs> 4 Primal Shadow> 4 Primal Fire> 4 Primal Mana> 4 Primal Neather

Foreman’s Enchanted Helmet: 4 Shadow Cloth> 12 Primal Mana> 12 Primal Air

Justicebringer 3000 Specs: Justicebringer 2000 Specs> 8 Primal Life> 8 Primal Mana> 8 Primal Earth> 4 Primal Nether

Powerheal 9000 Lens: Powerheal 4000 Lens> 8 Primal Life> 8 Primal Mana> 4 Primal Nether

Primal-Attuned Goggles: Living Replicator Specs> 5 Primal Life> 5 Primal Mana> 5 Primal Water> 4 Primal Neather

Wonderheal XT68 Shades: Wonderheal XT40 Shades> 4 Primal Water> 8 Primal Mana> 4 Primal Nether


Bulwark of Kings: Breastplate of Kings> 10 Primal Neather> 10 Primal Mana

Deep Thunder: Tunder> 8 Primal Nether> 10 Primal Mana

Fireguard: 20 Primal Shadow> 20 Primal Mana> 14 Felsteel

Helm Of The Stalwart Defender: 8 Hardened Adamantite Bar> 22 Primal Earth> 12 Primal Mana> 1 Primal nether

Mooncleaver: Lunar Crescent> 8 Primal Nether> 10 Primal Mana

Twisting Nether Chain Shirt: Nether Plate Shirt> 10 Primal Nether> 10 Primal Mana

Khorium Belt: 3 Khorium Bars> 2 Primal Water> 2 Primal Mana

Khorium Boots: 4 Khorium Bars> 3 Primal Water> 3 Primal Mana

Khorium Pants: 6 Khorium Bars> 4 Primal Water> 4 Primal Mana


Circlet Of Arcane Might:

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