Weekly Gold Recap How I Find My Farming Locations WoW Gold Guide


Some of you may be wondering how Golden Routes finds most of his farming locations. Unlike many other guide makers that look inside forms of gold making communities. Golden Routes simply finds his locations a few different ways. It all depends on what he is after.


If Golden Routes is looking for a transmog farming location. This is one of the simplest farming methods to look for. He will just go around and look for groups of the same style NPC. After that tests will have begun seeing if they respawn in a timely manner. If they don’t, he will move on, if they do. More tests will begin.

If the mobs drop greens within 5 minutes of each other Golden Routes will start is LA to record how much potential gold can be made within 10-15 minutes. After that amount of gold is found multiplication comes in filling in for the full hour. If it’s a reasonable amount the locations will be shown. If it doesn’t yield a lot of gold tests will be done on it a few times before giving up on the location.

Dropped Materials-

Much like transmog farming. The process is a little bit different. What Golden Routes will do is look up a certain material he wishes to farm enemies for. After finding the material and mobs it drops from. The process from above is repeated. Most often material farms can be used for transmog as well, though, not all the time.

A minimum hard cap is set for the amount of materials a location should yield before showing. The minimum cap is typically set based on common material farms already in the game. If it yields slightly less, more tests will be done on it. If it doesn’t anywhere near enough the location is forgotten.

Gathered Materials (Routes)-

For this type of farm. Golden routes simply lines up clusters of nodes that are close to each other. He will then run a few laps to see what the route yields. Again there is a minimum cap of materials he goes by. Though, this one is a little harder to explain.

For materials, there are multiple different ores, herbs, or skins that may drop within the same route. Golden Routes generally chooses around 600 units in total. Units being the ore, herb, or leather. Not including stones or other misc items that may be gathered as well.

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