New Transmog Farming Location Dreadmist Peak Northern Barrens 40+K Per Hour WoW Gold Guide


More information will be disclosed with this article once more information has been found out about the newly discovered location. If you wish to farm at Dreadmist Peak. Head on over to Northern Barrens. This location is just above the Crossroads to the top left of the zone. There are only 4 large mountains marked on the map so shouldn’t be too hard to find.

The mobs that spawn here are set on a force respawn which is good. This is because the zone they are in has already been known to drop transmog items such as the Ceremonial Loincloth. A transmog piece that is selling for about 15k at the moment. Any location can have a hyper respawn such as this one. Though, does that mean it will be just as good?

To be fair, RNG is just RNG. This location isn’t guaranteed to do good for you or anyone. However, with results from the video above. The greens do seem to drop a decent amount here. Group farming this location would be better. A map for where group memebers should stand will be posted once tests have been finished. Enjoy :).

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