Ascendant’s Rise Force Respawn: Mount Hyjal


This Mount Hyjal farming location can be found near the bottom of the zone, taking place in Ascendant’s Rise. There you will find 2 mobs with different loot tables. Depending on rather or not you are wanting to strictly farm Volatile Fire will determine which mobs you want to focus on.

To get things started, Volatile Fire and Embersilk Cloth both drop from this force re-spawn. The Flame Ascendant’s are the mobs you will want to focus on if you are mainly here for the Volatile Fire. If you are after both materials then it doesn’t really matter how you go about farm this location as long as you kill the mobs within it.

Group Farming Do’s And Don’ts:

While this farming location can be soloed for those anti-social people out there. It can also be farmed in a group. If you decide to farm this within a group be sure to be well spread out and everyone is in a location where loot can be gathered from all farming positions.

To ensure best yields for loot. Have someone set a 2 minute loot timer, kill for 2 minutes, allow for everyone to pick up loot after two minutes is up, kill again for another 2 minutes, and keep repeating.

To best utilize this locations potential for gold making the preferred class to farm here with is any ranged class that has an instant cast. Other classes are welcomed and please be kind to those who aren’t on a ranged class as having fun making gold is a necessity when it comes to farming.

Bonus methods:

This is a Cataclysm zone meaning you can use an item called the potion of treasure finding here. You can craft this item through Alchemy if you can gather the herbs needed to craft the potion or you can buy the potion itself off the Auction House. There is no preference as to which method of obtaining this potion a player should use. Both have downfalls to the great perk it gives.

The Potion of Treasure Finding allows players to collect extra loot from enemies throughout Cataclysm zones. How you can tell if you collected this extra loot is if you picked up an item called “Tiny Treasure Chest”.

The Tiny Treasure Chest has a chance of giving the following upon opening:

Raw gold
Embersilk Cloth
Pyrite Ore
Elementium Ore
Volatile Fire
Volatile Water
Volatile Air
Volatile Earth
Volatile Life
BoE Armor

Other bonus methods that can be used during this farm are the following. A video explaining how you can maximize your earnings through just about every force re-spawn cataclysm farm will be listed below as well.

Miners and Herbalists this is a perk in just about any force repsawn location known in the game. If you come across nodes to pick up feel free to pick up some Cinderbloom/ Volatile Life and Obsidian here as you come across it.

Be curious, if there are other miners or herbalists in the group who are also wanting to pick up the nodes. Come up with a system please! If they aren’t to worried about picking up every node then pick them up as you may please. If someone is really wanting to pick up all the nodes then please choose this method when gather herbs and ores. Run a 2 minute loot timers. As players fly around to pick up loot everyone in the party who wants herbs and ores can pick them up as looting has began.

Last but not least the ultimate way a player can maximize their profits through any Cata farm will be the what’s not be be known as “The Cata force respawn  Shuffle”. What is needed to complete this shuffle is a Tailor and Enchanter. Also, an update video will be coming soon, but this is the general idea of what you will want to do:




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