Nazjatar Manapearl Route (Use At Last Resort)

While this farm is still in the works of being tested. There is enough data collected throughout the wow-player base to confirm these Algan mobs DO NOT seem to have a lockout on Manapearls, Benthic gear, and other goods you can find throughout Nazjatar. This route shown below is a great route to run for your Lost and Wayward Algans, just beware as others seems to run this path too. Mobs may be far in between so getting in a group may not be a bad idea.

If you are wanting to make gold with this route it actually goes through a good amount of Zin’athid and Osmenite spawns. Meaning if you are a miner or herbalist, you can make a decent amount of gold here too! That’s not all though to help maximize the potential of this route. If you want to target these mobs easier just use this simple macro.

/target lost algan

/target wayward algan


Make sure you set this macro up to a keybind so all you have to do is spam that button and continue running the route. This will make collecting materials and running the route a little easier as you won’t have to pay to much attention to finding the mobs. Just be sure you check to see if you have targeted an Algan.


If you are in desperate need of Manapearls. This is NOT the place you want to farm for them. There is a Golden Routes Nazjatar rare route that should be ran first and almost every rare should be killed before this route is used to farm Manapearls. Keep in mind, you can still kill the Algans as you come across them while looking for rares. Just don’t strictly farm the manapearl route until last resort. The rare route is also a great source of income as herbs and ore spawn within the entire route and… and you have a chance of getting 16 different pets!

Rare/ Manapreal Farm… Check it out!

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