Drustvar ANCHOR WEED Route 100-120 Anchor Weed Per Hour 8.2 BFA WoW Gold Guide

This route can be ran either by land mount or flying mount. The yields for both have been reported being roughly the same. Those who use flying mounts will obtain a little more herbs per hour but not enough to make a large difference or make it so flying is necessary to have for this route.

This routes yields and times are:

Lap Time: 5-6 minutes by land 4-5 Flying
Yield Per Lap: N/A (Need to collect data)
Yield Per Hour: ~1000


Winter’s Kiss – 3g per unit
Anchor Weed – 50g per unit
Star Moss – 3g per unit
Siren’s Pollen 5g per unit

Materials Of One Type Per Lap: N/A (Need to collect data)

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