Redridge Mountains – Rares and Chests | Golden Route

The commented route is the yellow one.

Rares and chests can be one of the greatest routes you can run if you are just starting to farm gold. They yield numerous different transmogs and if you have gathering professions you can get some additional herbs or ores, which can also get you a bunch of gold.

It’s no different with this route, it’s great for beginners, because it can get you a lot of different low/mid value transmog and you should try to get this type of transmog at the beginning to fill up your auction house “portfolio”.

You should start your lap in the mountains in the north-west part of the map, there are some caves there that can contain some chests. Keep in mind that in order to open some of them you’ll need to either be rogue or have items such as Monelite Skeleton Key, which you can get from blacksmithing.

Next, I’d recommend following the route clockwise, on the screenshot above you can see the route itself – the “corners” or “turns”, however you want to call them are the places you should visit, some of them (marked by a little chest icon) can contain a chest, others a rare mob.

If you follow the route exactly, it should take you around 5 minutes which is just enough for everything to respawn, remember that if you have mining and herbalism you can also collect herbs and ores which will also respawn after 5 minutes.

For more details about the route be sure to check out youtube guide linked below!

From this route you can get:

  • Some expensive transmog items (the amount is strongly based on luck)
  • Some vanilla herbs and ores

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