Shadowlands Expansion Giveaway How To Enter And Win

As many are aware, the next expansion for World of Warcraft is Shadowlands, where we are taken to a broken up version of the game. I will be giving away 3 possible expansions in my giveaway. The only problem is, there needs to be at least 15 entries to the contest before I giveaway 3 Shadowlands expansion. If I get less than 15 entries, however, I will still be giving away at least one game set to the winner of my contest.

How Do You Enter?  

First and foremost, you should be subscribed to my channel. You should be able to subscribe directly from this video.

I you cannot subscribe from this video then here is a link to my channel.

After you have subscribed, you can then visit my discord channel in the description of all my youtube videos or by following this link.

Now that you have entered my discord channel, you may enter a screenshot of a anchor weed route YOU have created in the shadowlands giveaway section of my channel.

What you need to create routes and how to enter the contest

A few things to note before entering the contest. You must create your own route, it must be for anchor weed, and you can only submit one screenshot for the contest.

You must be wondering what you get do to create your own routes? Well, the addons I use to help create my routes are, Gathermate 2, gathermate 2 data, and routes. Routes allows you to place the lines for where you want to go. Gathermate 2 allows you to see where nodes spawn so you can place lines easier and follow a path of herbs or ores, and gathermate 2 data allows for you to import all data of herbs and ores gathered by other players to be marked on your map.

Once you have created your route, you can take a screenshot of it and send it to the giveaway section of my discord.

Image result for wow shadowlands"

How Will I Pick Winners?

For you to win this contest, I will run each and every route that is entered into the contest. After running each route, I will determine the winner(s) which route gives the most anchor weed.

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