Western plaguelands – rare and chest route

While Western Plaguelands is an interesting zone lore wise, it can also be pretty good for gold making. This route is “rare and chest” route, meaning you can get both chests and rare mobs from it.

The route takes around 8 minutes, this means you don’t need to stop after finishing a lap, you can just go again, because everything you find along the way should already respawn. In order to run this you should also be rouge of at least lvl 60 (however higher levels would help you survive better) or have an item such as [Monelite Skeleton Key].

This route isn’t necessarily the best if you already have quite a lot of transmog posted on the auction house, however if you are just starting with it, it can yield you some nice profit.

The way you should go is just a lap so there’s no specific start and the end of it, you can go however you want, just be sure to reach every corner of the route, since these places give you the most items.

For more details about the route be sure to check out youtube video linked below!

From this route you can get:

  • around 20k gold in item value per lap. This strongly depends on your luck
  • Some extra gold from herbs and ores collected along the way.

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