Netherweave Shuffle (Make thousands setting at the AH)

WoWScrnShot_062116_160813The Netherweave shuffle amongst them all is probably my favorite, aside from embersilk of course. There is almost always cheap auctions up, either from people leveling up new characters, or running Burning Crusade raids, hoping to get mounts or pets. Most of the time it will be cheap enough to buy out a good amount of the auctions so you can do this shuffle.

Normally I buy anything under 55 silver. It takes a total of 15 Netherweave cloth to craft the Netherweave Belt or Netherweave Bracers, it doesn’t really matter which because they both take the same materials; 3 Netherweave bolts and 1 rune thread. The total cost to craft these greens comes to around 9 gold, depends on how much I buy the materials if I do. When disenchanting you have a chance of getting 1-3 arcane dust which is really all we are after. The dust sells for around 4-6 gold per unit on my server.


  • Craft 108 Netherweave Belts
  • All farmed Material from various locations
  • 233 Arcane Dust 5g/= 1165 gold
  • 55 Lesser Planner Essence 2g/= 110 gold
  • 12 Small Prismatic Shards 1g/ 12 gold

Total Gold

1277 gold

Materials Cost:

  • 1631 Netherweave 55s/= 897 gold
  • 108 Rune Thread  50s/= 54 gold

Total cost

951 gold


326 gold

But wait, there is more to this if you wanted to make even more gold! Head on down the page to see what else you can use Netherweave for. Be sure to save your Arcane dust though ;).


Bolt of Imbued Neatherweave has a large profit margin for those on a transmog heavy server. Hopefully in Legion, however, more and more people will enjoy the thrill of collecting numerous amounts of wear to style their characters. To make this bolt you will need 3 bolts of Netherweave (15 Netherweave Cloth) and 2 Arcane dust. I don’t normally sell the imbued bolts, what you are really after are Spellcloth, Shadow Cloth, and Primal Mooncloth.

on my server, Spellcloth sells for 900 gold, shadow Cloth 1000 gold, and Primal Mooncloth 700 gold.

Crafting Materials:


  • 1 Bolt of Imbued Netherweave
  • 1 Primal Fire
  • 1 Primal Mana


  • 1 Bolt of Imbued Netherweave
  • 1 Primal Fire
  • 1 Primal Shadow

Primal Mooncloth

  • 1 Bolt of Imbued Netherweave
  • 1 Primal Life
  • 1 Primal Water

In order to make gold from this, you yourself will have to check the going rate of all these materials and see if it’s worth it to camp and run this market on the auction house. I would always keep bolts of imbued netherweave on your tailor just in case, you never know when someone will undercut competitors. If you want to farm the materials my netherweave locations will be out hopefully soon, the primals needed for this however…

Primal Fire Part 1

Primal Fire part 2

Primal Fire Part 3

Primal Fire part 4

Primal Fire Part 5

Primal Shadow Part 1

Primal Shadow Part 2

Primal Shadow Part 3

Primal Life Part 1

Primal Life Part 2

Primal Life Part 3

Primal Water Part 1

Primal Water Part 2

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