Purple Lotus Route

Old school farming now! This is only one of three routes I use when farming for purple lotus (Wildvine). Each of them are in Felwood, because I guess Blizzard thought Purple Lotus should only be gathered in Felwood. It drops from mobs, but no where near as fast as just gathering them.


There are a few other herbs you can farm here along with Purple Lotus, one being the Gromsblood, which really don’t have much of a purpose, but wait, don’t skip them! I know of a good use for them in a later guide. Purple Lotus have a small chance of containing Wildvine (not sure what uses it has I think transmog purposes). This uncommon herb sells for around 100-300 gold each depending on your server of course, it may not even sell on other servers for all I know.

Within 10 minutes of farming I was able to collect:
  • 1 Wildvine (300g/)
  • 18 Dreamfoil (2g/)
  • 79 Purple Lotus (5g/)
  • 50 Gromsblood (4g/)
  • 33 Gold Sansam (2g/)

Total Gold ( 10 Minutes)

1047 Gold

Total Gold ( 1 Hour)

6282 Gold

One thought on “Purple Lotus Route

  1. Hey, right now on my server this route should sell really well, could you add the export link please? Thanks for the great routes in advance.


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