Knothide Leather Farming Locations

If you are wanting to get the most out of your knothide leather, please try out the knothide leather shuffle by clicking on this link Khothide Shuffle


400-500 Knothide Per hour

Here in Blade’s Edge Mountain, you will be killing Raptors, you will need to use an addon that allows you to switch servers, but you should be able to kill/skin on your server, switch kill/skin, then back to your server rinse and repeat.


200-250 Knothide Leather per hour

50-80 Fel Scales per hour

Yet another farming location in Blade’s Edge Mountains . This spot will focus a bit more on Fel Scales and Crystal infused Leathers. Knothide wasn’t bad here, but if you strictly want knothide this location isn’t for you. In an hour you can expect to get around 60 Fel Scales, 84 Crystal infused Leather, and 248 Knothide leather. Depending on your server this will yield close to another 1-2k an hour. It isn’t much, but it adds up and quite frankly I’d rather make 1-2k in an hour with no competition over 5+k with competition.

WoWScrnShot_060716_111422WoWScrnShot_060716_111430250-300 Khothide per hour

360-400 Netherweave Cloth Per hour


60 Wind Scale / Hour

knothide leather 240 / Hour


200-300 Knothide leather / hour


300-400 Knothide leather / Hour


300-400 Knothide leather / Hour


500-600 Knothide leather / hour


300-400 Knothide leather / hour


300-400 Knothide / Hour

100-150 Netherweave cloth Per hour


150-200 Knothide leather / Hour

30-40 Cobrascales / Hour


550-650 Knothide leather / Lockout

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