Make 20k per hour farming atal’dazar

There are a few different ways you fly an farm atal’dazar for gold. Well, two different ways. One you can post your yielding son the auction house or two, you can go fully raw gold.

20k+ (Or RAW) Gold Per Hour Farming Atal’Dazar

Way one for gold making:

Atal’dazar is a massive place to farm for shimmerscales. You can expect almost a full stack every run or two. Alongside getting a ton of shimmer scale you get a decent amount of bloodstained bones as well. Yielding roughly 100 every run. Check the price of shimmer scale and bloodstained bones on your auction house then check the raw gold method for making gold in atal’dazar. The cost of the bones should be less than 57 gold meaning each bone should be going for more than 7 gold per unit. (The fist weapon costs 8 bones) shimmer scale of course should be cheap before using the raw gold method as well.

Way two for gold making:

The way you can make raw gold from atal’dazar is by taking these bad boy materials and turning them into a fist weapon. This weapon takes 12 shimmer scales and 8 bloodstained bones to craft. The fist weapons vendor price is at a little over 57 gold meaning the prices of these materials should be less than the cost of the vendor values for the fist weapon. To determine the cost go to your nearest auction house, look up shimmer scale figure out the cost of 12 shimmer scale, write this cost down. After you are done with that do the same for bloodstained bones. The cost should be less to or equal to the vendor price of 57 gold for this method to be worth it.

You may be wondering how much raw gold a full run this this would net out to? Well let’s just say at roughly 10 of these weapons crafted per run. You are looking at around 600 raw gold in just weapons. You still get more gray items that sell for a pretty penny.

You should however be seeing around 1.5k gold from selling weapons as I only did the figures for half a stack per run not a full stack. That may not be 20k per hour but 1.5k raw gold plus vendoring grays and greens. You are looking at around 3-4K in raw gold alone.

How you get the 20k per hour is if you are lucky enough and these materials still sell for a decent amount of gold on the AH.

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